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The value of trouble-free payment processing is something we at KalletPay are aware of. We provide a variety of payment options as a result, all of which are intended to make it easier for you to make payments and improve your day-to-day operations, whether you’re an individual or a business.

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At KalletPay, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses manage their finances. Founded on a commitment to providing financial convenience and security, KalletPay is an innovative digital wallet platform that offers seamless transactions, robust security features, and user-friendly interfaces. It enables the integration of multiple payment solutions for both individuals and businesses with just a single account. KalletPay is own by KAZZYLEN LTD.

KalletPay Wallet is a pre-funded and re-loadable multi-currency wallet, that can be used for exchange, send, pay bills, create virtual & physical NGN and USD cards, buy virtual phone numbers for business use and make purchases online all over the world. The Straightforward, Easiest Way to Grow and Save Money in your Wallet. Join the countless others who use KalletPay to receive the genuine rates.


KAZZYLEN LTD. pioneers transformative product innovations, services, and business models from inception to market entry, prioritizing customer-centricity and value co-creation. Our interdisciplinary approach integrates digital, data, and design expertise, underpinned by cutting-edge technologies and inclusive user communities. As Nigeria’s forefront in Open Innovation research, we bridge technology and business realms, serving as thought leaders in co-creation and community-based innovation. Through dynamic collaboration with leading educational institutions, we ensure our clients benefit from the latest tech-business insights, validating and enhancing theoretical frameworks through practical application. Situated in Lagos, our “House of Innovation” serves as a hub for creativity, surrounded by a rich tapestry of science, art, and education. With over 15 years of global experience, Kazzylen Innovation offers comprehensive technology management solutions, empowering companies to scale innovation initiatives securely and flexibly. Our robust platform facilitates collaborative innovation, guiding ideas from inception to market success, and fostering long-term growth for our valued clients. Supporting innovation managers at every step, we are dedicated to driving their success and facilitating impactful business transformation.

Kazzylen’s Mission Statement
Once organizations have reached a certain size, there is a significant distance between those who have ideas and insights and those who have the power and resources to act upon them.

Kazzylen Innovation provides technology and processes that bring idea contributors and decision makers closer together, helping organizations to generate additional revenue, to become more efficient, and to empower people.

Core Values at Kazzylen
Since the founding of the company in 2009, we have been proud to uphold key values which drive the way we work.

We believe in building smart yet modest individuals, who share our vision and passion for innovation management. Our guiding principles can be summed up in the following five values:

1. Integrity
2. Accountability
3. Fairness
4. Diversity
5.Customer intimacy

As we continue to grow, we still strive to stay true to our core values and to work with each and every client on configuring a solution that will fit their exact innovation management needs and requirements. As always, we are 100% committed to all our clients and users that help us prove every day that the wisdom of the Innovation can provide amazing business results.

KalletPay Vision

We envision a world where managing finances is intuitive, secure, and accessible to everyone, regardless of location or background. We strive to empower individuals and businesses to take control of their financial futures, providing the tools and resources needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital economy.

Join the KalletPay Revolution

KalletPay invites you to join us on a journey to a future of financial empowerment and security. Whether you’re an individual looking for convenient financial solutions or a business seeking efficient payment processing, we have the tools and expertise to meet your needs.


As co-Founder of Kazzylen Ltd., I am thrilled to introduce our mobile wallet, a cutting-edge financial platform. KalletPay empowers users with secure digital transactions, dollar prepaid cards, international fund transfers, virtual bank accounts, and more. We're committed to revolutionizing financial convenience and security for our valued customers

Helen B. A. , co-Founder @ Kazzylen Ltd.

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Our Statistics

We take security seriously, and our platform is designed to protect you,  your business and your customers as a merchant from fraud and data breaches.


Cost savings



Make your teams more autonomous with user roles.

KalletPay a full digital wallet that provides you with a wide range of services. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals

Features and Benefits

Make spending management fast, easy & accountable.

Utility Bills

KalletPay bridges the gap by providing access to local and international utility services

Fast Transaction Time

Your customers can make payments quickly and easily, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Multiple Payment Methods

Our advanced security features protect your business and your customers from fraud and data breaches

Virtual Phone Numbers

Our virtual phone numbers allows you to sign up and also receive sms verification codes for more than 500 popular services

Physical & Virtual Cards

Use your KalletPay Card for online purchases anywhere Mastercard and Visa are accepted

Instant Foreign Account

Create instant USD, EUR, GBP, NGN Account that allows you to receive payment quickly and easily from clients or your employer.

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