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How to Get Started On KalletPay


KalletPay is own by Kazzylen Ltd. KalletPay is a pre-funded and re-loadable multi-currency wallet, that can be used for currency exchange, send, pay bills, create virtual dollar cards, create vouchers, buy gift cards, buy virtual phone numbers and make purchases online all over the world. The Straightforward, Easiest Way to Grow and Save Money in your Wallet. Join the countless others who use KalletPay to receive the genuine exchange rate. KalletPay is a digital wallet which is a sub of Kazzylen Ltd. who invent, design and develop groundbreaking product innovations, services and business models within an end-to-end process starting with customer insight generation in the fuzzy front end of innovation and ending with series production and market entry. All our activities are focused on value co-creation with consumers who are always at the center of our innovation thinking

How KalletPay Digita Wallet – Makes your life much simpler when it comes to online payment and services. We shouldn’t have to remind you that we’re committed to making your life as simple as possible since doing so would be the equivalent of us blowing our own horn, which is against how we operate in the current day. Instead, our trumpet should automatically blast (like a thunder). Let’s move on to how KalletPay makes your life lot simpler.

Reasons To Register and Get Started With KalletPay

  1. It weighs nothing, It occupies no physical space whatsoever, not even in your wallet nor your bag.
  2. It is eco-friendly. We are thinking about your convenience and the safety of our planet at the same time – no plastic.
  3. It is pretty secure. You can’t misplace it, not even if you misplace your device. It can’t be stolen. In short, you can’t lose it. (No assurance is greater than this hmm what a smile.).
  4. It doesn’t need to be activated on any other channel like ATM, Banks etc – you won’t be using it there anyway.
  5. There will be nothing for you to worry about on the transfer speed, exchange rate, and transfer fee. You won’t have to worry because there is no waiting time, we eliminated ridiculous transfer fee, and we give you the best exchange rate in the market.
  6. It lets you pay in dollars from your KalletPay Dollar Card account, just like that.
  7. If you have ever been restricted from paying for goods or services on certain websites because you didn’t have a dollar card, you will know just how important it is. Especially if not having that product or service that you have been wanting to get all this while. Well, there is nothing KalletPay Dollar Card can’t solve.
  8. Please beware that KallePay Dollar Card is also a 3D secure payment processing company and we are also PCI-DSS Level 1.
  9. Do we still need to tell you that you’ll be short charging yourself if you don’t get the KalletPay Wallet? I leave that to you.


We Are Secure

We are Secure and Stable Platform

We are a secure and stable platform that is designed to provide you with the best possible experience. We use the latest security technologies to keep your data safe and secure. We also have a team of experts who are always available to help you with any problems you may have.

Faster And Cheaper

The best thing about the Kallet is that it is faster and cheaper are its finest features.

Trusted & Secure

We take your security seriously. Your personal information is encrypted and transmitted securely.


Easy Way To Get Started

  1. Visit KalletPay
  3. Register a new Account by filling the registration sign up form and click submit, it will successfully redirect you to your profile procced with KYC.



How to Submite KYC Form on KalletPay. Watch video below 


How to Re-submit A rejected KYC Form on KalletPay. Watch video below


How To Fund Your Wallet on KalletPay. Watch viedo below 


How to Exchange you NGN to USD or Other Currencies on KalletPay. Watch video below

Please note that before you can create a dolar card or buy any sms services you will have to first convert you NGN or other currencies to USD

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